About KosherScan

When I started designing KosherScan, my goal was to remove all the complexities and give Jewish consumers a simple way to get answers about the Kashruth status of food products from their trusted Kosher Authority. But simple wasn't enough. Consumers needed a product that was meaningful and enjoyable to use. This meant designing an app that doesn't look like it was designed 20 years ago. Where did the idea come from? Over the years, Jewish consumers all over the world started to build online communities where they exchanged about the Kashruth status of food products. These communities can be hard to navigate. Missing or misspelled product names are making already answered products hard to find or create multiple answers. Almost every product in a grocery store has a barcode. KosherScan gives consumers an easy way to find and query a food product kashruth status by scanning a product barcode. Today, thousands of users have gotten more than 27,000 answers. I am just getting started. Thanks for joining the journey.


Ephraim Hammer

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